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We  create tailored marketing campaigns for each segment of your audience, spread news about product or service and attract new customers in an efficient and reportable way.
Here at All Things Scene, we deliver Email Marketing that works, so why not see what we can do for you.

Marketers agree that email is a key to their business, especially for ROI and for developing long lasting profitable relationships, that’s the reason why a personalised, segmented and targeted Email marketing campaign is important for an uplift in brand awareness and drive conversions.


Our experts use tools, strategy, implementation and result tracking in order to achieve the best possible brand engagement.
We can take care of your complete email marketing strategy or help you with any aspect of it, for example template design or tracking & reporting.

We offer a wide range of Email Marketing


Email Marketing Strategy
Our team will work with you to develop the best strategy that will work with the defined target audiences and we will establish their information needs.



Email Template Design

Our innovative designs and solutions that meet compliance and improve email deliverability. Our professional designers will bring your message to life and increase your target audience engagement with your brand.



Email Marketing Campaigns

Our team is ready to design, build and supply an email template for communication with your audience as well manage entirely your email marketing campaign to lead to dramatic shifts in your sales and profitability.



Tracking & Reporting
Working with our team will give you the possibility to receive granular reporting on the key aspects of your campaign such as who clicked through your email to your site, where they clicked and who converted.


What's included?


Understanding what you and your customers would want to see on Social Media


Custom words, pictures and videos just for your email marketing

Bespoke build

Custom build of your own email templates


Reporting on activities and progress

Our Guides on Email Marketing

Why Use Email

A brief outline of why Email is awesome

How email works

An outline of how email works

Setting Up Your Emails

A guide on how to get your accounts going

A guide to good content

A guide to the different types of content that is shared on Social Media

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