Creating Killer Content – Dave Learns How!

Creating Killer Content – Dave Learns How!

Creating powerful and gripping content can be difficult, and if you don’t know where to begin then the task seems that bit more daunting. Dave was having this problem, but he really wanted to use a blog to keep his customers updated about the daily news of his business. After spending several hours attempting to write a decent opening paragraph, Dave started feeling useless. After spending a few more hours trying to turn his blog into something great and failing, Dave decided to give All Things Scene a call…

After explaining what he was having trouble with, Dave asked All Things Scene to give him some help with his blog. All Things Scene understood Dave’s problem, and gave him advice on how to craft a great blog as well as set up and write a few to get him under way. Firstly All Things Scene informed Dave that in order to start writing a blog, he would need to spend time thinking of a topic. This topic would be the base for the entire article, so it needs to be interesting and gripping. If you take time developing a strong topic, the article tends to flow better once you begin writing, and is more likely to engage with the readers. Next Dave was told that he would have to create a catchy title, something that will draw people’s attention. When you have your title, you will know what theme the blog will follow. It could be comical, serious or informative and the title will flaunt this.

Dave was starting to feel a bit more confident about starting his blogs, however All Things Scene still had a few more tips to share with Dave. They told him that he would need to make sure his opening lines were just as interesting as the title, because this is what will pull the reader deeper into the article. This can be done in many ways; asking a question, telling a story or saying something unexpected, just to name a few. After telling Dave to start the article with strong opening lines, All Things Scene showed Dave that he would have to make his points clear when writing the rest of the content for his article, you’re not writing a mystery novel, so make it simple for the reader to understand the point being made. Once a clear point has been made, Dave will need to add depth to it. There are lots and lots of ways to add depth to an article, for example; adding your opinion, looking at the opposite of your points, using quotation or examples. By adding depth to an article, you make the reader more interested in what has been written. Lastly, All Thing Scene let Dave know that he had to make sure his article was well polished. People don’t like spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, so it is important to double, triple or quadruple check the article and ensure there are zero mistakes. Get another person top check the spelling and grammar before publishing the post.

With all this information, Dave now knew exactly how to persevere in writing his own blogs. All Things Scene had provided Dave with enough knowledge to create his first decent blog. Dave knew that All Things Scene could write articles for him at realistic prices if he did struggle, and that they would do it to a timescale that suited Dave.

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