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Social Media Advantages

How Social media can help your business

Social media puts your business out there.

It allows your company to strengthen it's relations with users and keep a strong social engagement with your customers. Your content is easily visible to your current fans and followers and allows great publicity for your business.

Social media can introduce your company to a whole new and potentially prospective audience as well as allow you to communicate with your existing customer base easily and quickly.

It is easier and faster to keep connected

The internet and Social media are collaborating to make companies connect easier with their audience.  Today, company's have so many different social media applications to keep their connections with customers faster than ever. Businesses can connect to all sorts of applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube for example.

These allow customers to reach out and comment on your productivity or service, and this is exactly what you want, to receive instant feedback and opinions from customers so that you can improve your company and please them. These applications are fast and efficient to use and all are mobile friendly.

It helps find new customers and expand your audience.

Publicity is the key to gaining new customers and is exactly what social media does for you. Social media is one of the best ways to promote your company; it's a clear way to tell your audience exactly what you do and how you can help them. When trying to find new customers you need to make sure you consider certain criteria such as the content of your publicity.

This will ensure you are enticing the right audience and gaining customers the right way, which is pivotal for your business. When beginning your social media campaigns you want to attract your targeted audience, so at first make sure you are posting and tweeting the right things, for example, share knowledge, tweet advice, showcase service users with your social media and ensure that stats are viable.

These are the things that attract customers to you and get them to engage with you.

You must decide what platforms to use

You need to make sure that you consider your target audience's needs, but also take into consideration the popularity of social media application. You will find that the more popular ones will gain you the most success. However, there are many smaller, more niche outlets that are populated by people with specific interests and may benefit you more depending on your business. You need to look into the social media communication tools available and make sure that they enable you to interact quickly and efficiently with customers or followers.

This is also another criteria which businesses need to take into account, most people use these social media applications on their smartphones because it is more reliable and are a lot faster to use, so you need to ensure your website is mobile friendly

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Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Your brand must attract and intrigue. It's more than just a logo, it represents the first impression and the continued experience your prospects and customers will have with your company. The vision statement should be aspirational and inspirational toward customers. Make sure that you have consistency, this is crucial as preferably you want the same message to be sent out to all customers around the world. Then you can start looking into the real purpose of the company and how you can dare to be different which will make you stand out and get you noticed.

Which strategy to follow?

Your brand strategy defines your personality and shows what you stand for. It represents the company’s image, the way their employees interact and deal with customers, the message they bring out from their company website, proposals and the campaigns they deliver and finally the customer’s opinion. All these things need to be taken into account when planning your strategy.


What differentiates you is not your logo, tagline, slogan or what your website looks like. Your differentiation is what you offer or do that sets you apart from other companies similar to you.
Branding is layered, sculpted and tested and the more meaningful people find your brand, the more they’ll be willing to pay for it. They will then invest in your brand emotionally and become more motivated to spread the word and this is exactly what you want. This is why you have to stand out from the crowd, be different and find an innovative way to promote yourself.


Brand positioning is the key of a marketing strategy. Having a strong brand positioning is the single feature that sets you apart from your competitors. The positioning is the base for developing and increasing the required knowledge and perception of the customers. It involves identifying the points of similarity and difference to create a proper brand image between you and your competitors.
The positionment can also be helped by a “SWOT” analysis. This is a very useful tool which can help you determine and look into the values of your company. They are put into 4 categories, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The strengths are the characteristics of the business or project that give it an advantage over others, the weaknesses relate to the characteristics that place the business or project at a disadvantage relative to others, the opportunities are elements that the project could exploit to its advantage and finally the threats are the competitors that surround you.
After this analysis you can then look into moving forward and adapting your company's plan to these 4 criteria.


Building a credible and actionable strategic platform requires both a rigorous analysis and a creative synthesis. Your strategic platform gives you the essential foundation needed to express your brand in everything you say and do. It will motivate and direct your employees, and give your customers and partners a reason to connect with you.

Publicity for your brand

Make sure your brand is being seen in the right way. This is key to gaining new customers and expanding your name. You need to ensure sure you are using all the latest trends and are adapting to your audience's needs.

All Things Scene

Here at all All Things Scene, we can help you achieve your goals and ambitions that you envision for your business.
We provide all the elements and materials which you need when starting a new company or brand.
So get profitably seen with All Things Scene!

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